If the man you want isn't putting you first, do this...

"Discover a weird but very powerful secret technique that plants seeds of obsessive desire in the subconscious part of any man's mind... causing him to desire you, crave you and relentlessly pursue you... All while thinking it was his idea!"

Skeptical? Read this entire article to see how this same technique will make any man crave you so desperately that he will feel a powerful and almost overpowering impulse to pursue you, crave you and obsess over you to a shocking degree... even if you think he's currently losing interest, "not that into you," or not currently treating you like a priority in his life.

By Eric Charles, co-founder of A New Mode (anewmode.com)

What I am about to share with you might sound shocking, unusual, or too-good-to-be-true... but believe it or not, what I'm about to share will not only trigger an insane amount of desire, craving, and obsession in the man you want... you'll also find it incredibly simple and easy to do!

Read this entire letter to the end because I'll show you how to make any man feel a unique kind of obsession for you... an obsession so psychologically addicting, he will dream about devoting himself to you and only you for the rest of his life.

This technique is so ridiculously effective that it will make the man you want feel a unique kind of desire for you... Desire so intense and overwhelming that when he thinks about you his heart pounds urgently in his chest, his knees go weak and turn to jello... and a rush of warm, pure excitement surges through his veins.

See, I'm not talking about mere liking or attraction here.

I'm talking about a kind of desire that's so overwhelming it makes a man feel almost hypnotized by you.

This kind of desire creates a burning, overwhelming passion that makes his heart pound urgently and makes his body literally quiver with pure happiness and uncontrollable excitement at the mere thought of you.

Quick Warning: This Page May Be Removed Soon

But before I reveal this technique to you, I want you to drop anything else you're doing at this very moment and pay very close attention to this article because it might not stay online for very long.

This article shares a dangerously effective technique that can either do amazing or horrible things depending on how it's used.

Because of that, I need to closely monitor how this technique is being used by the women I'm sharing it with and if I see it's being used in a harmful way, I will have to take this offline immediately (even if it means denying the women who would use it ethically a chance to see it)...

I can promise you that there is nothing else out there like this, so make sure you pay close attention and read every word of this right now while you still can.

By the end of this article, you will watch yourself stand back in absolute shock and awe... You might be pleasantly surprised or even a little outraged.

See, I'll explain what I mean in just a second, but before I get to that I want to explain something to you that most women have no clue about yet.

Less than 1% of women are privileged enough to know this secret technique.

This technique is so dangerously effective that, when you use it, it practically forces any man to give you so much love, attention and affection it's almost shocking.

I want you to relax for a second right now and just imagine something for a moment...

Imagine feeling warm butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you finally watch the same man who rejected you, who even said he's flat out not interested, literally turn into an obsessed, totally infatuated admirer who now prioritizes you and pursues you relentlessly and craves you so desperately he doesn't know what to do with himself.

Just think about opening your mouth in absolute shock and amazement when you watch that completely unemotional, unexpressive, and unromantic man become a hopeless romantic who lightly traces his finger down the nape of your neck, plants a firm, gentle kiss on your lips and pauses to savor every second of his body pressed against yours before blurting out:

"I can't believe a woman like you actually exists. I can't help how hard I'm falling for you. I don't think you realize how truly amazing you are and how important you are to me. I'm so grateful to have you in my life."

Imagine how in control you will feel when you can shoot pangs of complete obsession through any man's veins after just one date and make any man's heart practically stop at the mere thought of you.

Imagine a first date where a man is fumbling over his words because he's so nervous around you trying to figure out how to impress you and stuttering over what to say.

Imagine him constantly shifting in his seat and shaking his foot up and down and having trouble getting words out because he doesn't want to mess up his shot with you.

Imagine feeling tingly, pure excitement surge through your body when the same commitment phobic man confesses that you're the woman of his dreams who he now wants to fully devote himself to.

Imagine the shock and joy you'll feel as you see him drop to one knee for all the world to see as tears threaten to fall as he looks lovingly into your eyes without any worry of who's looking on and begs you to be his wife. Now and forever.

Imagine how amazing you'll feel when the same man who was cold and distant emotionally confesses how desperately he wants to be with you and how he can't stand the thought of ever being apart from you.

Imagine how calm you'll feel when the same man who broke up with you can't help but find you irresistible and can't help being uncontrollably attracted to you.

Imagine him craving you so desperately that he starts hunting you down like a possessed lion, so consumed by his single-minded quest to win your love and so overwhelmed by an intense need to wrap you in his strong, protective arms to lightly brush his fingers along the side of your face, that he'll constantly make up excuses to spend as much time around you as humanly possible.

Just imagine how green with envy other women will be with uncontrollable jealousy burning their cheeks as they watch you effortlessly get any guy bending over backwards to make you happy and eager to make you his #1 priority.

Imagine the shocked look on their faces when they see you making very handsome and amazing men emotionally long for you with such overpowering intensity that it's almost too good to be true.

The secret that will make him feel an incredibly intense desire for you...

I'll show you exactly how to practically force any man to crave you so desperately and intensely that he'll crave you the way you would crave sitting in front of the warm glow of a fireplace on an icy cold winter's day.

He will feel an almost magnetic surge of uncontrollable desire for you and will find himself a slave to your magnetic attractiveness that he literally can't resist.

In fact, this technique is so intense that it makes the man you want feel the same type of addiction he'd feel if he did a powerful drug that made him feel a totally amazing and euphoric "high."

He'd feel so amazing from that "high" that he'd crave more and more... he wouldn't want it to ever stop!

And this craving would be out of his control, because the craving this technique creates in his mind is going to be irrational.

I'll show you how to create chemically addicting sensations in his mind and body which will make him feel completely hooked on you and only you.

His stomach will do flip flops and a rush of overwhelming desire will flood through his body at the mere thought of you.

Don't be shocked if the man you want needs your love like a lost puppy needs its owner after you discover this technique.

The best part is that this technique is so insanely easy to use that you'll feel almost ridiculous for having not discovered it earlier.

Sounds impossible, right?

I can almost imagine you shaking your head thinking... there's no way this is real...

And honestly... I get it.

If you think about it what I've said is difficult to believe and even seems like it's not possible right now.

But all of this is possible because of one specific thing.

I will tell you a super weird way to hijack the irrational part of any man's mind.

This is the exact part of his brain that's flooded with an overpowering level of urgency and desire when you trigger it the right way.

I'll show you exactly how you too can trigger it by using this exact technique I expose later in this article.

So I want you to suspend your disbelief for a couple minutes and read this article until the very end because what you're going to discover in this article will be one of the most important things you'll ever discover.

Who am I and why would you want to listen to me?

And the second question is: What is this technique that I'm going on about?

My name is Eric Charles and I'm one of the founders of anewmode.com along with relationship expert, Sabrina Alexis.

We've had a couple #1 Bestselling books on Amazon on love and relationships...

We've been featured in a bunch of places: Glamour, Teen Vogue, Fox News, Maxim, Marie Claire, even "Love," Judd Apatow's new TV show and a whole lot more... not to mention that over 150 million women have come to read our unique love advice on anewmode.com since we launched the site in 2009.

Women have trusted Sabrina and I to give them a unique style of advice that you can't find anywhere else. We have a guiding philosophy with everything we put out: It needs to be effective. It needs to work. It needs to get results and, whenever possible, it needs to work fast!

But for me to share what I'm about to share with you, I have to tell you something that isn't exactly something I'd normally talk about publicly.

I don't like to make a big thing of it, but I'm what you might call a reformed "player".

Now you're probably thinking, what exactly do you mean by "player".

Well, what I mean by "player" here is someone who's quite experienced at getting to know, attracting, and turning women on.

I know, I know...

This most likely makes me seem like one of those jerks who mistreat women, but before you make any judgments I must make clear to highlight that I've obsessively researched how to get women to like me for years and years.

To put it in simple terms I know the right words and actions to make any woman feel intense surges of excitement in any scenario.

But wait, how does this help you?

Or why should you care?

Well you shouldn't only care. I think you should pay very close attention to this article with all your focus because this won't just help you... It will actually change your life forever.

OK you're most likely trying to figure out how this is going to change your life.

Well, to show you that...

First, I have to tell you my crazy story.

How Jessica got her man to stop pulling away and start craving her obsessively:

I will never forget a Friday night in May, several years ago. It was about 7:30 at night when my best friend Jessica arrived ringing my doorbell relentlessly with salty tears uncontrollably streaming down her red face.

Seeing her like that made me feel nervous and light-headed.

Feeling a bit choked up seeing her like this, I asked... "Jessica, I've never seen you so sad. What's the matter? Come here." I wrapped my arms around her and wanted to help her so badly it killed me inside.

Her voice cracked as she could barely get out the words...

"He doesn't care about me. I knew this was going to happen. I can't believe this. He can't do this to me. Life will not be the same without him."

I already knew in my gut what she was about to say before she said it.

Because sadly, this was a pattern with poor Jessica.

And wasn't the first time Jessica had to deal with a frantic, heartbreaking situation with a man... And this wasn't the first time she'd ask me for help, either.

She had a string of horrible breakups. Five guys she thought she had a future with had broken up with her... And each time it happened, she got worse and worse.

She's always had low self-esteem. She couldn't stand herself and has dealt with body issues since she was a teenager.

She started getting her hopes up that this most recent guy was "the one" and thought things were headed in a good direction, but sadly she was about to be disappointed again.

I put my hand on her shoulder and I could feel her clammy, cold sweat on her t-shirt. I could also feel how tense her back was.

This put me on edge.

She literally looked so broken inside. From her red eyes... She had her head down... And hands covering her face... As she rubbed her eyes back and forth in an effort to hide her tears.

It was no use trying to hide it. It was obvious she'd been crying.

She couldn't take another blow like this and was on the edge of a complete mental collapse.

This wasn't a good situation.

I could feel it in my bones. I knew I needed to help her.

I wanted to heal her broken heart more than anything.

So I made a choice to do something crazy I'd never done in the past.

After an inner battle and going through a back and forth argument of whether or not I should.

I just spilled my secret technique and told her to use this on her boyfriend ASAP.

At first she looked at me with a confused look on her face and asked, "Is this actually going to work?"

I knew in my heart it would and told her, "Okay, don't make assumptions before actually trying it. Just do it and watch what happens."

In a few days, I wanted to see how Jessica was doing so I called and left her a voicemail.

She didn't call me back at all. Hours had gone by. I called a couple more times, and no answer.

The next day, she was nowhere to be found.

I was getting nervous the longer I hadn't heard from her.

Then, on the fifth day...

I heard my doorbell ring.

It was Jessica. I felt like the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders.

I immediately opened the door and saw a completely different person right in front of me.

I could tell she was trying not to smile, but couldn't help it.

Before I could get a word in, she ran into my house and starting dancing around like a hyperactive child.

I said, "Wow... Miss Jessica... You're in a good mood today."

She responded, "Well... I have something to tell you... A few things to tell you, both good and bad. The bad news is... I'm not going to be living in this part of town anymore."

I wasn't sure what to think and asked her, "Wait, where are you going?"

With flushed cheeks she inched nearer to me with an excited, giddy grin as she said,

"Well, this is where the best part comes in. I'm going to be living with my man!"

I said, "Hold on a second... is this the same man who wanted to dump you a couple days ago?"

She said, "Yeah, but that was a couple days ago. Now things have changed. He's been constantly contacting me, texting and calling the last few days saying how he can't stop thinking about me.

"He's been confessing how desperately he loves me and is telling me how there's nothing he wants more than having a future with me and how I'm the only woman for him.

"I'm finally in a position where I'm not the one chasing him. He's chasing me. It's crazy. I never thought it'd be like this."

I had never seen her look so secure and comfortable with herself before.

I was just going to ask her about the specifics before she ran to me and hugged me so tightly I almost suffocated... And man, was she powerful.

Then, she pressed her face into mine and cried... "Eric, thank you so so so much. You have no idea how much this means to me. I couldn't have done this without you."

The way she acted hit a sensitive spot in me. It triggered thoughts about when I used to fail with women also. All pictures of past humiliation, getting turned down... And memories of feeling so ashamed and unlovable started racing through my head.

That was one of the moments that inspired me to make it my #1 life purpose... To save as many women from heartbreak as I could with this technique.

I'm not going to pretend like I wasn't shocked when I saw Jessica's shocking results.

See, I knew this technique would work insanely well...

But little did I know how quickly and effectively it would actually work.

My head started spinning with more ideas and my mind started going 100 miles a minute with an abundance of inspiration.

I was sure that I was having an "a-ha" moment.

Except in this scenario, it was like I was floating on a crystal clear cloud with so much clarity it was like a bright light.

Then, all of a sudden, my heart sank just a little...

Does this technique work in every case and for every woman?

A nagging voice of doubt in my head said: "Wait... what if this doesn't work in every scenario for every woman?"

I wasn't sure what the answer to that was just yet, but I was overwhelmed with so much intense jubilance and intrigue that I knew I had to test it out with more women.

In the following months, I gave this exact technique to hundreds of women and the truth is... The insane amount of success they had shocked me.

There are moments when I would actually do a little fist pump and jump up and down... Ridiculously... Like a teenager....With pure joy every time a woman would tell me the miraculous success she'd have.

One woman revealed that her love life wasn't going very well and most guys would ignore her after one date.

She would waste most of her time sitting by the phone hoping the guy she'd gone out with would contact her...

But after wasting tons of time getting her hopes up and waiting, he wouldn't. She'd never hear from him again.

This killed her confidence and she went through lots of heartbreaking pain because of her relationship disappointments. But all this drastically shifted after she put my technique to work for her.

The first time she put my technique to work for her and used it on a guy, he confessed that he'd be lucky if she gave him the chance to keep going out with her.

As time went on, practically every man she went on a date with was eager to see her again and again.

Another woman reported that she was frantically trying to win her ex boyfriend back but everything she tried failed. But, the second she put my technique to work for her, she was speechless because her ex actually talked to her for the first time in ages. And even agreed to go out to lunch.

Another woman said she couldn't understand how it took her so long to stumble upon this technique. She used it on her emotionally withdrawn boyfriend and was totally shocked to watch how fast and effortlessly he spilled his innermost thoughts to her. He even expressed emotions and secrets he'd never told anyone before.

The "addictive cocktail" that triggers this insane degree of hungry desire in the man you want...

So now you must be thinking to yourself... All right, Eric... Stop teasing me... Can you please give me this technique? Well, It'd be my pleasure to. My technique is called "The Addictive Desire Cocktail"...

And just as the name implies, it forces a man to experience an almost animalistic, instinctual, and insanely addicting level of desire for you.

It doesn't matter if you're married, single, or in a complicated relationship.

It doesn't matter if you don't like your looks or if you don't like your body.

This technique is insanely effective...

It doesn't matter how terrible your current love life is, or how many disappointments you've experienced so far...

Let me explain how it works now.

Have you ever heard of a person who just can't stop doing drugs even though it's ruining their life? Why do you think they're doing that?

They rationally know it's hurting them and that they will ruin their lives if they continue... Yet they just can't help themselves.

Why does this happen?

This is because when a person does a drug their brain is flooded with an overwhelming rush of chemicals known as the "pleasure chemicals..." Specifically dopamine.

This rush of dopamine is so addictive that a person abandons all rational thinking and keeps trying to seek out the next high at any cost. To put it simply, the addict becomes extremely irrational.

So to make your man irrationally desire you, you need to ignite an intense rush of this pleasure chemical in his body.

But the main question is how on Earth do you do this?

Well it's very easy... And there's just one very easy thing you need to do. You have to make yourself into an "activator of pleasurable sensations" in his brain.

Have you ever noticed a guy who went absolutely insane over a specific girl even though she wasn't that pretty or intelligent?

Plus, did you wonder what he saw in her that made her so different than other women?

To you, she might seem totally normal but to that particular man, she was the source of pleasurable sensations.

And just as the psychological theory says... When someone makes us feel pleasurable feelings, we innately want to have more of that person in our lives.

We feel the impulse to spend as much time as humanly possible around them.

So to sum it up... You must make yourself into a source of pleasurable sensations for your guy.

In simple terms, you need to put yourself in a situation where anytime he sees you or has a thought about you he feels an intense and instant surge of pleasurable sensations.

What happens when you are an "activator of pleasurable sensations" in his brain?

When you make this happen, all he will feel is intense adoration, desire, and obsession for you...

And when he's around you, he'll feel a pure love and happiness like he's never felt before.

He will even feel himself craving, longing, and yearning for your love like a loving, eager puppy.

Plus, there are two really awesome things that'll happen next.

Awesome thing number one: you'll become his #1 priority and the most important thing in his life.

Something odd gets activated in a man when you become the thing that creates pleasurable sensations in his life. His primal instinct comes alive and he experiences an overpowering internal need to keep you safe, to go to battle for you. He would never want to be away from you.

In fact, this one specific thing by itself will make him obsess so intensely over you that every other woman in the world will pale in comparison to you.

No other woman can fulfill this overpowering internal need he will feel because of this, you'll be the only woman he'll want to be around... You will be special to him in a completely unique way and he will find you more interesting than any other woman in the world.

He'll feel so grateful that you're in his life and he will appreciate whenever you spend time with him.

He will always have emotional cravings for you and you will turn into his drug.

You will be the high that makes him feel satisfied, and without you, he will feel like the color of his life is missing, like there's an empty hole in his world...

Awesome thing number two: he will view locking you down forever as the next and only rational step.

You won't have to even bring up exclusivity because he will innately need to be committed to you until the end of time.

In fact, he will be completely scared of losing you to some other guy.... and do anything in his power to make sure he gets to be by your side forever.

I realize this sounds nuts, but he will safeguard you like a hungry bulldog guards its food. And if he's already in a relationship with you, you will notice his behavior suddenly change to how you've always wanted it to be.

He'll be at least 200 times more attracted to you and interested in you than ever before. His desire for you will be on a whole different level, quite possibly a level that he's never experienced before and didn't even know was possible himself!

You'll feel it in the way he looks at you... In the way he bends over backwards to make you happy.

You will notice that he now experiences unconscious impulses to bend over backwards to make you happy. In fact, he will get a lot of joy from making you feel good.

If you ask why he's randomly doing all these amazing things for you, he won't know how to put it in words... It'll be an instinctual, inner feeling that what he's doing is natural.

How do you make yourself an "activator of pleasurable sensations" in his brain?

So now you must be thinking, all right Eric... I get that to make him crave me on an irrational level I need to make myself an activator of pleasurable sensations. But how do I actually make this happen?

I'm very happy you asked because I have another story that explains this.

When I was researching and testing this technique and gave it to a ton of women, word spread fast... and tons of women were reaching out to me.

It ended up reaching a level where I couldn't believe how many emails I'd get every day. When I'd see a new email, I'd feel a rush of excitement and smile to myself.

But this excitement would morph into a hideous sense of restless nervousness because I simply didn't have the time to respond to all these emails.

And because of this, many women were going to be very disheartened. So because it literally wasn't possible to give advice to every single woman one-on-one, I had to figure out an answer to this problem, which hit me when a great friend of mine said, "Eric... why not turn this amazing technique into an online program? If you do that, all the women you don't have time to respond to can easily access the technique."

The program I created to make him desire you, crave you, and obsess over you to an insane degree...

That was the moment I knew I had the answer. So after years of effort and plenty of late night research and figuring out stuff like a maniac with puffy eyes and quivering fingers, I finally made all the secrets into a super focused, simple to follow program I now call...

Make Him Want You Bad: Psychology Secrets To Trigger His Intense Desire For You (And Only You)

I can confidently tell you that you won't discover this top secret information anywhere else.

So what will you be getting when you get access to my program? Here's a brief preview of what you've going to get.

  • Discover my "automatic seduction technique" that ignites a primal and unexplainable attraction inside any man. This unique kind of attraction will be so intense he'll hunt you down with pure sexual desire.

    Even if he can't stand you right now, this is the roadmap to making him seeing you as the one woman he can't live without by exposing your flaws.

    This counter-intuitive trick will get inside a man's brain so intensely it'll be impossible for him to imagine any other woman in the world other than you. It's crazy and it really shouldn't be so scarily effective but it is.

  • How to make yourself into the one woman every guy dreams about. My "interest activation technique" will multiply your attractiveness tenfold and make you into a woman men will fight wars for. Every guy will confess you're the most interesting woman he's ever known.

    You have to make a guy chase you to make sure a guy stays intrigued by you, right?

    Wrong! The "sanctuary from the world" method is far more effective than making a guy just chase you.

    This super powerful method will make him like you more and more the longer he knows you. This means the spark will burn bright forever and he will never ever lose interest in you.

    This will seriously surprise you the first time you use it.

  • Does he seem like he isn't going to want to be official? Or like he's not a fan of commitment?

    Don't worry because you will know the key to eternal commitment using the "row the boat" technique, which will literally get rid of any doubts he has about commitment within hours and tip the scales in your favor.

    He will notice he feels eager to become official with you... even if he's hesitated so far.

    This under-the-radar effect almost casts a love spell on him, which transforms him into wanting to be your personal hero, who yearns to be by your side, fighting for your love until the day he dies.

  • The key to being his #1 priority, not just an option... I will show you the "show up full" technique, which makes a man subconsciously view you as the most special woman in the world. So special he'll put you above anything else he's got going on and will view you as a priceless diamond...

    Even if you don't think you're pretty enough, thin enough, or interesting enough. He will confess that you are "the one" and will confess how thankful he is that you're part of his life.

  • The roadmap to actually making him fall truly, madly, deeply in love. I'll reveal how to get inside the animalistic part of your man's mind and chemically alter it to force him to feel a consistent stream of pure love for you.

    He won't know what hit him or why he finds you so irresistible. This is the quickest and simplest way to practically force him to fall madly in love with you and only you.

  • You will also discover the "hook method" where I'll reveal how to make a man experience feelings of complete happiness near you.

    Being around you will ignite an inner sensation of complete happiness inside his soul that will hook him so intensely he will need to be close to you whenever he can. He will feel like his heart is whole for the first time in his entire life.

    The most amazing part is that you'll be the only woman able to trigger such intense feelings of desire and longing in him. Since most women aren't aware of this method, you will have the upper hand. He'll view you as his soul mate. The one woman he must be with... now and forever.

  • Is he emotionally withdrawing or pulling away? I will explain the instant connector trick that makes a withdrawn, distant man into an eager-to-please puppy dog whose heart will be overwhelmed with obsessive desire for you.

  • He'll love you the way a young boy loves his Legos, even if he found you uninteresting and wasn't attracted to you up until now.

  • I'll give you the secret so you never have to be the placeholder girl who always gets chosen last... hoping for a guy to eventually come around, make you or a priority and respond your texts right away.

  • I'll reveal how to mesmerize a guy right away, which will have him pacing back and forth with intense intrigue and obsession running through his veins.

    He'll feel the type of intrigue that'll make him constantly mention you to everyone he talks to. He'll feel the kind of intrigue that'll make him sit by the phone waiting for you to call him... like a needy puppy waiting for a morsel of affection.

  • Learn the key thing every guy secretly wants in a woman. Only discovering this one thing by itself is going to force any guy to lust after you like a starving dog craves a sirloin steak.

    This is the only way to immediately hypnotize a guy whenever you're around and make him view you as the most intriguing woman in the world.

    I accidentally figured out what I call the Subtle Persuasion Method.

    Here I will reveal how to force a guy to bend over backwards to please you... thinking it was all his plan to do it. Now you can talk about what your needs are without having to worry about him not caring about what you want in the relationship.

    This is the simplest and most effective method to making him bend over backwards to please you. He will literally get on his hands and knees, desperate to do anything to make you happy after you know this.

  • Do you know about the Romantic Polarity Technique?

    Here I will show you a attraction trigger that's so powerful you could even use it to make your ex beg to be with you again. The man you use this with will experience a barrage of hypnotic intensity drawing him back to you and he'll have no idea what's going on or why he feels the way he does.

    This will activate an overwhelming and impulsive craving inside his soul to get back together with you once again. The truth is, I could keep going on and on but this isn't even a quarter of what's inside my program.

  • The trick to mesmerize any man in conversation. You will know my technique to cast a spell on him through simple conversation.

    Every word that comes out of your mouth will melt his heart and send jolts of unexplainably intense desire surging through his body. This amazing technique triggers a subconscious impulse to bend over backwards to do everything you want him to.

    You will finally feel like you're in the position of power and never have to be at the mercy of a man again after you know this.

  • And much more...

Imagine having the kind of desire, interest, and attention from him that you really want now...

At this point, I know you realize how valuable this program actually is. I want you to imagine something for a moment. Imagine experiencing an overwhelming sense of complete happiness...

And that warm, butterfly feeling fluttering in your stomach when the man you want... The man you're madly in love with... takes your hand in his, looks right into your eyes... Before getting down on one knee, taking out a ring and proposing to you for the entire world to see.

Imagine how amazing it'll be when you don't have to put on an act around the man you want because you know he won't want you to be anyone but your natural self.

Imagine being loved for exactly who and how you are. Imagine experiencing that weightless, fluttering, perfect warmth rush through your entire body when you can reveal things about yourself you've never told anyone before... and know in your gut that he actually understands you.

Imagine feeling OK for the first time in your life because you don't have to worry about what to do in any given scenario with a guy. Imagine never having to go through heartbreaking or upsetting things with a man for as long as you live.

Just imagine how in control you'll be when you're always instinctively aware of the right thing to say or do when you're with a man to make him respond exactly how you want him to... As other women unknowingly attempt a million things only to be met with frustration and disappointment time and time again.

What's it worth to have the kind of desire, interest, and romance you've always wanted?

So now I want to ask you: how much is it actually worth to you for the man you want to completely give you his entire mind, body and soul... and adore, love, and obsess over you with every fiber of his being... even better than what you dreamed of as a little girl?

What is it worth to experience an overwhelming rush of excitement surge through your body when your man loves and cherishes you with so much burning intensity that you feel it from your head to your toes?

If you're like lots of women, you already pay lots of the money on shoes, cosmetics, and products thinking it'll make the man you want crave you as intensely as you want him.

I actually did research recently and was shocked to find that the average woman spends $240 per month just on her face between skin care and cosmetic products. (Source: SkinStore survey of 3000 women in the US).

On top of that, the average woman spends between $150 to $400 a month on clothes! (Source: ING & Capital One Bank Surveys)

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If you add how much relationship advice, therapy sessions and self-improvement seminars cost... this number gets even higher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I bet you still have some questions. Here are the most common questions I get, and the answers to help you out:

Q: Will this work on the specific man I'm thinking of?

A: Yes, everything in this program targets hardwired psychology that all men share, which completely determines whether or not he obsessively desires you. That means if he's a male, he'll be uncontrollably fixated on you and only you for the rest of his life.

Even if you think you're not his type, even if you're worried that he goes after younger or prettier women, even if you think he doesn't see any "relationship potential," and even if you think he's never going to give you a chance romantically.

Q: Will this work if I'm not the age he typically dates?

A: Yes. Amazingly when you know this secret to make him want you bad, his brain will actually create "excuses" about why he likes you so much and craves you so desperately his impulses force him to devote his mind, body, and soul to you... Even if he normally wouldn't think you're right for him.

Q: Will this work if I think I'm not attractive enough or overweight or don't measure up physically?

A: Absolutely, because my method for making him want you bad is programmed into him by nature. You can bypass all the typical superficial reasons you think stand between you and the relationship you want when you use this, and then he can't help himself regardless of what you look like.

Q: Are you sure doing this won't screw up my chances with him?

A: Look, what you're doing right now isn't working. What I'm going to give you is backed by science, and it has been proven to work for countless other women in seemingly hopeless situations, so it will work for you.

Everything in the program is thoroughly explained, so you'll not only know what to do but also understand exactly why it works. This means no more flying blind or taking shots in the dark, trying things that only might work. I'm so confident that this is the answer for you that I've put my money where my mouth is.

Q: How fast do I get access to "Make Him Want You Bad"?

A: You get instant access to "Make Him Want You Bad" and all of the free bonuses as soon as you complete your order. You'll be taken to a private members website where you can access the material in the comfort of your own home.

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Q: How is this different from other relationship advice?

A: The real difference between "Make Him Want You Bad" and any other book, DVD, or relationship advice program out there, is that "Make Him Want You Bad" is the only program that targets the exact biological process that hijacks a man's heart and alters his brain chemistry by creating an uncontrollable addiction... which makes him desperately crave you, makes him obsessed with being around you, and eager to bend over backwards to make you happy (and the best part is he will think it was all his idea!)

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"Make Him Want You Bad" is the laser-targeted specific technique you need to trigger a shockingly intense desire in him as quickly possible.

Q: Who should not buy "Make Him Want You Bad?"

A: It's not easy to enforce this, but any woman who wants to use this to make a man obsessed with her so that she can mistreat him and take advantage of him should not buy "Make Him Want You Bad."

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My hope is that you will use "Make Him Want You Bad" to capture the heart of the man who you intend to have a long and happy relationship with.

I want to give you the secret that wakes him up to how perfect you would be together, so that your lives are filled with love, burning passion, and happiness, and everyone wins.

Q: How fast will I get results?

A: As soon as you access "Make Him Want You Bad," you will instantly see how you can plant a seed of desire so intense he can't breathe without you. He will be so dependent on your love he will be like an eager to please puppy dog groveling at your feet to be together forever.

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