The truth behind why men pull away...

"There's just something missing."

This was the last thing Bill said to Jess before he finally left.

And in 90 seconds, I'm about to reveal exactly what was "missing" that caused Bill to lose interest, pull away and eventually leave the relationship.

And how targeting this one male-specific need gives women an "unfair advantage" to make the man she wants fall irrationally in love with her.

By the end of this article, you will have a complete understanding of what truly reaches a man's heart (an understanding that 99% of women and men don't have and don't even realize it).

In fact, I promise this article will change how you look at men, love and relationships forever.

But here's the best part: Once you understand what really reaches a man's heart, I'll reveal exactly how to talk to him in a specific way that triggers his most powerful feelings of falling in love, regardless of how difficult, distant or disagreeable he's acting right now.

In fact, you'll discover exactly how to trigger his most intense feelings of falling in love for you whenever you want, on demand.

In my 13 years of helping all kinds of women as a relationship coach, I've found this single dominating emotional need in men to be the key ingredient to making a man fall madly in love with a woman.

Because what you're activating in him has been hardwired into his male instincts for at least 30,000 years.

This is why when you speak to this specific emotion, it has a hypnotic effect on men.

You'll see why some have called this unusual approach "unfair" or like "mind control" over men.

But really, I'm just showing women a simple way to precisely target his natural psychological process of falling in love, so any woman can create a loving relationship "on demand" (and how to supercharge it far beyond what he's ever experienced with any woman before).

I believe that knowing this secret could bring a lot of joy into people's lives, and the world could certainly use that!

But I do acknowledge that this technique is very powerful and I do NOT want you reading further unless you have good intentions for him, his future, and your future with him.

I am keeping this article up for now, as long as the women who read this use this technique ethically.

And once you know it, you can put it to work with any man you want to capture his attention, intrigue him, and become his total obsession.

Like the over 9,200 women who I've helped so far, he won't be able to stop thinking about you, wanting you, craving you.

And you'll understand exactly why it forces him to feel the deepest emotional connection possible with the woman who uses it, even when the situation seemed beyond hope.

Even if:

  • He's been losing interest and he's ignoring you now...

  • You don't think he wants you or might reject you...

  • You think he'll never commit to you in a real way...

  • You've made "unfixable" mistakes, lost his respect or lost him in a breakup.

... none of that matters.

The truth about when men fall in love

When you connect with him in the way I'm about to share (a radically unusual way that nearly all women and men don't know exists), you will become a very special kind of woman to him, far beyond any woman he's ever known.

And it doesn't matter if you're "not his type" or he doesn't seem interested.

Once he feels that specific special feeling, he will do whatever it takes to have you.

In fact, this kind of irrational obsession for you makes perfect sense when you understand the biology and psychology behind why this works (which I'm about to share).

It is only through satisfying this one specific male need that you can trigger his deepest love, desire and devotion for you.

So if you want a deep, strong, emotionally-connected relationship that lasts, you must understand this.

When you don't meet this specific emotional need for him:

  • His texts feel less engaged and shorter. He takes longer to respond.

  • His enthusiasm seems to have vanished compared to the beginning.

  • It feels like he's ignoring you or pulling away emotionally.

  • He avoids or deflects any conversations about commitment or a future together.

  • He doesn't treat you with much attention, consideration or priority.

  • He tends to be moody, stressed or unhappy now, when he was happy before.

  • He seems distracted now, like something is on his mind (and it's not you).

And the longer he feels like this, the more likely he is to:

  • Tell you he can never commit to you.

  • Start talking to other women.

  • Permanently lose interest and desire for you.

  • Ghost or disappear without warning.

  • Break off the relationship unexpectedly.

When it comes to love, knowledge is power.

And sadly most women don't know what men really need in order to fall in love, stay in love, and eagerly devote himself to her for life.

Frankly, today's world promotes ideas that don't help (or worse, make it impossible) for women to create real love with men, while hiding what truly reaches a man's heart.

So if you've ever struggled with any of these issues (or you're going through it now), I want to tell you that it's not your fault.

It has nothing to do with you "acting needy" or that you didn't "make him chase you" or that you needed to "make him invest in you."

It's not that you're not good enough, not pretty enough, or not interesting enough to hold his attention long term.

Men will always seem confusing, unpredictable, and non-committal when you don't know what connects with a man's heart in the deepest way, the way he really needs in order to feel real love for you.

So pay close attention because what I reveal next has the power to transform your love life, so you can finally have the kind of love you've always wanted.

So what's missing?

The Only Way To Trigger True Love With a Man

There is a dominating, male-specific emotional need that all men have that rules their life.

It is this need that you must target to have a man's love, enthusiasm, and devotion in a way that lasts.

Now, I could tell you I know this because I've been working 13 years as a professional relationship coach, with two #1 best-selling books on relationships, features in Glamour, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire and more, and reaching over 1 billion views on my content (as Eric Charles on

But what I'm sharing here isn't just some anecdotal opinion of mine. It's science.

There's been a recent breakthrough in research psychology that I want you to consider here and I want to present it in a very simple way.

The emotional framework of men and women is different. No shocker there, right?

The way life feels to a man is different than it is for women, due to differences in his brain structure and brain chemistry.

For men, this recent research has shown that all men have a single emotional drive that overrides all other emotions.

This single emotional drive colors his experience of the world in a way that's specific to his male psychology.

Imagine putting on a pair of sunglasses with green lenses and looking around.

Everything you saw would be green, right?

That's what I mean when I say this one single dominating emotional need colors his world. It causes him to experience life in a different way than women and to "see the world differently," so to speak.

The research shows that while men do feel a whole range of emotions, this one emotion is so deeply biologically ingrained that in the face of this one drive, nothing else matters.

This dominating emotional need is called...

"His Winning Drive"

The truth is, in order for a man to truly feel he's with "the one" he's meant to be with, he must feel she connects with this specific drive.

If she doesn't (or if she once did but stopped), then he will always feel a strong sense that something essential is missing from the relationship.

The relationship might start out great, where he's full of enthusiasm, attention, and excitement for her... but without this key ingredient, it's only a matter of time before he loses interest, pulls away, and eventually leaves for another woman who can connect with this core biological need that rules him.

That said, the women who know this have their choice of any man they want. And when she has him, she knows she has him forever and it's obvious she's the center of his world.

A man's psychology is the result of his biology.

When a woman is favored by his psychology, you can be certain his biology will make her impossible to resist.

Imagine an animal in heat. That's the level of overwhelming, irrational compulsion he feels when biology comes into play.

Every man's psychology is ruled by his "winning drive." You could call it his emotional gatekeeper, it's how he processes the world, his life, and his relationships.

In a moment, I'll show you how you can use what I call Game Changer Responses to "hijack" his Winning Drive, causing him to love you so deeply that his life would be cold, empty and pointless without you.

Important Warning – Please Read

Some people have called this approach extremely manipulative (or even called it a form of "mind control" on men).

Using this will make a man intrigued, it will make him obsessed and ultimately it will make him see the woman as the one and only woman who could truly make him happy. No other woman will compare.

I guarantee this result is not only possible but is inevitable when you understand why this works. But it can be devastating to a man if used irresponsibly.

If you read beyond this point, you must promise:

  • You will use this responsibly and only with a man you truly want to be with forever.

  • You will have an open mind, as this is an entirely different understanding than 99% of women have about men.

  • You will not use it to get revenge on an ex or a man who's hurt you.

  • You will not use it to steal a man away from another woman.

If you can agree to this, then I would encourage you to read this article until the end, while you still have this opportunity...

And read this carefully. I made this as simple to follow as possible, but missing even one part of this method will ruin any chance of it working.

I'm about to share a way of looking at men and relationships in a totally different way, but once you see it I know it will make a lot of things click for you.

All I ask is that you read this entire article with an open mind. And I'd encourage you to do it right now, while it's still publicly available.

You'll understand immediately how this gives you the power to fix any possible problem in your love life, so you can have the kind of love you really want.

So what exactly is his Winning Drive?

Men are biologically hardwired to experience the world through a lens of wins and losses, victories and defeats, successes and failures.

To put it simply, his need to feel like he's "winning" in life is his strongest emotional need.

And this has huge implications.

When a man feels like he's "winning" in an area of his life, he feels the most pleasurable euphoric emotional "high" you can possibly imagine.

And if he feels like he's "losing" in an area of life? He is guaranteed to pull away from it because that feeling of losing is an unrelenting state of torture for him.

This applies to every area of his life and every choice he makes, but especially to his love life.

Now what I'm about to share with you is the most important point for you to understand, so pay close attention here especially.

For a man, falling in love is directly connected to feeling that his relationship with you is the ultimate win in his life, like his life could never reach the highest heights without having you as his own.

When a relationship connects with a man's Winning Drive, he is overwhelmed with a surge of intrigue, infatuation, and desire to connect with you.

This is what falling deeply in love is for a man and once the process starts, he can't help it. His biology compels it and he's virtually powerless against it.

When love is triggered for a man, his system is flooded with the most powerful, pleasurable neurotransmitters and hormones (like dopamine, testosterone and oxytocin to name a few).

He feels like he's getting high on love for you, and on a brain-body chemical level, he is!

Again, his Winning Drive is his most powerful emotion, overriding all reason, rationality and restraint.

And here is exactly what makes this happen.

Triggering his deepest love is not about making him feel he's winning you, but rather him feeling that you bring out the winner in him.

In other words, it's a completely different target than what 99% of women think creates a loving relationship!

The secret here isn't about targeting how he feels about you, but rather targeting how he feels about winning in his life, which then triggers his feelings of love for you!

He'll subconsciously feel that being with you "brings out his best," meaning his Winning Drive sees more winning with you in his life than he ever could have without you.

And I can't stress this next point enough: If he does not have this feeling, he will always feel like something essential is missing from the relationship. He won't want to commit, he won't be able to feel "in love" and his enthusiasm will quickly drain away.

But when he feels that you bring out his best, he feels like he is finally experiencing true love.

And when he feels this, all other women he's ever known fade away, forgotten, because no woman triggers the kind of love, intrigue, and inspiration that you can with this.

"She brings out the best in me."

That 7 word phrase (or a similar variation of it, like "she gets me" or "she brings out my best") is the way you know you're triggering the kind of true love, loyalty and devotion that he's powerless to resist.

But even if he never says these words out loud, it's in the moments when he feels you bring out his best that forge the deepest loving connection to you.

The surge of intense love he feels for you is not a feeling that wears off, goes stale or weakens over time.

It doesn't matter if you've been together for 50 years. Whenever you have one of those key moments where he feels you bring out his best, he feels the same red-hot surge of love, excitement, and appreciation for you as the very first time he fell in love.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense that nature would biologically design men to select and stay with the woman who knows how to bring out his best.

His biology and psychology is programmed to seek out the perfect fit emotionally.

It doesn't matter if he doesn't seem like an emotional guy on the surface. This biological programming applies to all men and all relationships at all times.

He is always subconsciously observing how you engage with life's most emotionally vulnerable, difficult and meaningful areas.

His primal programming wants to see the correct response to these Game Changer moments in life, sort of like a psychological human mating dance.

The key is to know the responses his programming wants to see in these specific areas of life.

I call these...

Game Changer Responses.

When you show his hardwired psychology the "responses" it's looking for, that's when you trigger his deepest feelings of falling in love with you.

And the effect is obvious and unmistakable once you do.

Once he sees you in this light, it completely transforms the entire relationship and opens him in ways he never could be before.

This is what triggers a man's profound sense that you "bring out his best" and that his best future is with you by his side.

And when he has this realization, it triggers a massive flood of love chemicals in his brain, overwhelming him with love, devotion, and appreciation for you.

This is the moment his behavior changes completely, where he lowers his guard, opens his heart and begins enthusiastically investing in the relationship.

It changes the game for him. It changes everything.

Again, when you satisfy his biology his psychology must follow.

After extensive research, I identified 18 key areas where a man's biological programming is looking to "see" a woman respond in a specific way, signaling to his instincts that she would be a great long term partner.

And read this next part carefully to let it sink in, because this next part is the key...

I discovered that a woman didn't have to wait for some high-pressure, emotional, make-or-break moment in the relationship to trigger his feelings of falling in love.

All that was needed was to convey how she would respond a certain way if ever faced with that kind of emotional situation and the effect was the same!

In other words, through specifically targeted words, gestures and phrases, a woman can trigger a man's strongest feelings of falling in love, on demand.

When I realized this, I was out of my mind with excitement and inspiration.

How to trigger his deepest love, on demand

I wanted to find more ways a woman could use words to precisely trigger love in a man's mind, on demand.

Things any woman could use while they were talking with a guy, or even over texts.

I wanted phrases that felt simple, natural, and just plain worked, without needing to know the extensive research behind why they're so effective.

But I had to know I really had something that would work for any woman, any situation and with any man they wanted.

So I met with the women I was coaching at the time and told them about this new method I developed.

Then I explained how to use these specific Game Changer Responses that precisely trigger intense feelings of love in any man's mind.

The women were giddy and gleeful to use it. It was as if intuitively they already knew it would work, even though it was radically different than anything they had tried before.

And boy did it work.

One by one, I would receive another ecstatic message from one of my clients and I was shocked by how well (and how quickly) this was working for these women.

One of these women was really struggling in her love life. Most guys would ignore her after one date. She felt like she was wasting her time and the disappointment of feeling rejected by these men was trashing her confidence.

But all this transformed after she put my approach to work for her.

I'll never forget her description of the first time she used a Game Changer Response with a guy. She said it looked like something in him "woke up."

He started to smile slightly and he looked intrigued. She could hear the enthusiasm rising in his voice and he became more open and animated as they spoke.

By the end of the date, he was enraptured by her and she knew it. Moreover, she knew exactly how she made it happen.

As time went on, practically every man she went on a date with was eager to see her again and again.

Another woman was frantically trying to get her ex boyfriend back, but every attempt just seemed to make things worse and she was losing hope.

But the moment she used one of these Game Changer Responses in a quick text to him, she was speechless. For the first time in months, her ex actually responded to her, talked to her for over an hour and even suggested they should set a time to go out to lunch in the coming days.

Another woman used it to have her emotionally withdrawn boyfriend confess his innermost thoughts to her and was stunned by how easy it was. He even revealed emotions and secrets he'd never told anyone, and he thanked her for being able to bring it out.

In one of the craziest stories, a 41 year old mother of 3 began casually using these Game Changer responses with an attractive waiter at a restaurant, who was in his mid-20s. She said not only was he spellbound talking to her while women at other tables looked on jealously... he nervously slipped her his number as she was leaving!

And while I wasn't thrilled with her using these techniques so casually, I was glad to see how amazed she was by the results. It instantly transformed her confidence and showed her what was truly possible with men!

In fact, every woman who used the Game Changer Responses was shocked by the change they saw with their man.

It was as if their words had a profound impact on him, and he was eager to open up to her, share himself with her, and invest in his relationship with her in the way she always wanted.

As I began sharing this with more women, it became clear to me how much power these Game Changer Responses gave women to create a strong, happy, loving relationship that would last for life.

Recently I have been teaching these Game Changing Responses to groups of women facing some of the most challenging relationship problems you can think of.

Anything from:

  • He's losing interest, pulling away or just seems "not into it" anymore

  • He has a difficult personality, he's difficult to read or nothing seems to connect with him emotionally

  • He's just "going through the motions" but seems bored, distant, and unreachable

  • He broke up the relationship and getting him back seems hopeless

And yet, these women would tell me using this transformed their "hopeless" situation (with boyfriends, husbands, and even long-lost exes) into the amazing love story with the man they wanted.

Over the months of working with these women and hearing their stories, I've streamlined the material in a step-by-step program any woman can use to trigger the most powerful love a man can feel for a woman. I call it:

Make Him Want You Bad:

Psychology Secrets To Trigger His Intense Desire For You (And Only You)

This step-by-step program is unlike anything else out there because it laser-targets his exact process of falling in love in a way that he can't resist (or even realize how you are doing it)!

Using these techniques, anything you do or say with him will have an incredible impact on his emotions. You'll be able to powerfully connect with his heart without having to play games, risk rejection or do anything awkward.

And don't just take my word for it. Here's a tiny sample of the kind of feedback we receive daily:

Mary says:

"This program gave me the key I was searching for! It answered my deepest questions of what really attracts a man and makes him fall head over heels in love..."

Caroline from Portland wrote:

"I recognize the truth when I hear it and this program is the TRUTH. I've gone through many books and relationship programs and nothing comes close to what Eric and Sabrina share. Solid gold through this entire program!"

"When I talk to men now, they perk up and get really happy and excited. It's just like you said: When it's working it's obvious!"

"I used to feel self conscious and awkward. Now I'm having so much fun talking to men and I feel like I barely have to do anything. It's like I'm catnip and the more I give them a taste, the more they chase me and want more. 😂😂😂 This is so easy, I wish I knew this 10 years ago!"

Courtney from Cleveland said:

"I am beyond grateful for what you shared in Make Him Want You Bad. This program got to the root of the problem and completely changed my mindset about what men actually want and what works in a relationship. I never would have figured any of this out in a million years if it wasn't for you guys. I've told all my friends about it. Thank you!"

Lara from Copenhagen wrote:

"Your program is OUTSTANDING. I loved every minute of it! It was like you reprogrammed my brain!!!"

"There is a night and day difference with my guy now. He is so open, sweet and considerate now in a way he never was before. There's no coldness or weirdness anymore. I have never felt such a connection to him before and we've been together for 4.5 years!"

"You helped me understand men so clearly and simply, I felt ridiculous that I'm almost 40 and never understood any of this! I can decode his words and moods so easily now and I know exactly how to respond. I cannot believe how wrong I had it before and I didn't even know!"

"Every woman needs this program. Every woman. This changed my life and I think if every woman knew this, it would change the world."

"I was worried that my relationship was over... now I feel like things are better than ever and he's hinted at marriage. I have tears in my eyes, I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for what you taught me."

When you understand what really hits the target with men, you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you can reach the heart of any man you want to create a level of desire, fascination and love that no other woman can match.

Other women might be amazed, confused, or jealous when they see the effect you're able to have on men.

It will look unfair to them, but really it all comes down to targeting what really triggers desire, interest and love in men on a primal level beyond their control.

When you are triggering a man's deepest desire for you, it's obvious to everyone.

They'll see the way men get excited when you talk to them...

They'll see the way men seem almost hypnotized by your presence...

And they'll see the way men crave more of you, wanting to be around you more.

The techniques I reveal in this unique program can be used in every situation. Yes, every situation, no matter how difficult, impossible or hopeless it seems.

Why? Because these techniques are so lightweight, natural and targeted, you can easily slip them into any conversation to make him crave more of you.

Or even if you're not talking to him right now, you'll see exactly what to say that will have him wanting you in a way he can't see or defend against, regardless of anything that came before that moment!

Essentially, you're learning to communicate in a way that targets his deepest craving and fulfills it with overwhelming satisfaction.

So even if you've been in a relationship for 20 years with this man and you want to trigger that desire, enthusiasm, and appreciation he felt in the beginning...

Or you're with a man that seems to have lost interest and you need a way to reach his heart so he wants you the way you want him...

Or you have a specific man in mind and you want him to feel that sense of excitement, that giddy feeling of irresistible chemistry, that sense that you're a special woman he's "meant to be" with...

Or even if you feel like you've tried everything and nothing has worked to give you the kind of love you've always wanted with the man you really want...

Make Him Want You Bad will reveal how to finally have the love life you really want, for real.

Any one of these Game Changer responses is powerful, but when used in combination, they are absolutely unstoppable and frankly any obstacles to love don't stand a chance when you use these.

After 13 years of working with women from all walks of life to solve some of the most challenging relationship issues you can imagine, I can guarantee that nothing comes close to the power, speed, and effectiveness of this system to turnaround a relationship and create the kind of loving dynamic you really want.

And that's why I know this can give you the real life results you've been wishing for, even if nothing else has worked up to this point.

Here are some of the one-of-a-kind techniques I'm about to reveal:

  • Discover my "automatic seduction technique" that ignites an instinctual attraction inside any man, so intense he'll hunt you down with pure sexual desire.

    Even if he can't stand you right now, this counter-intuitive trick makes it impossible for him to think about any other woman than you.

  • The secret to being the woman every guy dreams about. My "interest activator" will multiply your attractiveness tenfold, making you into a woman men will fight wars over.

    Every guy will confess you're the most interesting woman he's ever known, all thanks to one simple conversational trick.

  • You have to make a guy chase you to keep him interested, right?

    Wrong! The "sanctuary from the world" method is far more effective than making a guy just chase you.

    This unique method will make him like you more and more the longer he knows you. This means the spark will never fade, his emotional connection to you will grow deeper, and he will never lose interest in you.

    Most women are shocked to see how well men respond to this because it's the opposite of what they think should work.

  • Does he seem resistant to commitment or against "putting a label" on your relationship?

    Don't worry, my "row the boat" technique is your key to lifelong commitment, allowing you to erase any hesitation he has about commitment within hours of you using it.

    He will notice he feels eager to become official with you, even if he's hesitated so far.

    This under-the-radar technique can seem like you cast a love spell on him, transforming him into wanting to be your personal hero, who yearns to be by your side, fighting for your love until the day he dies.

  • The key to being his #1 priority, not just an option. I will show you the "show up full" technique, which makes a man subconsciously view you as the most special woman in the world. So special he'll put you above anything else he's got going on and will view you as a priceless diamond.

    Even if you don't think you're pretty enough, thin enough, or interesting enough, this one secret will "shift" how he experiences you, so everything you do and say has a powerful effect on reaching his heart far beyond anything he's ever felt.

  • The road map to actually making him fall truly, madly, deeply in love. I'll reveal how to get inside the primal part of your man's mind and chemically alter it to force him to feel a consistent stream of pure love for you.

    He won't know what hit him or why he finds you so irresistible. This is the quickest and simplest way to practically force him to fall madly in love with you and only you.

  • You will also discover the "hook method" where I'll reveal how to make a man experience feelings of complete happiness near you.

    Just being around you will bring him joy, strength and peace. He will confess that you are "the one" and how thankful he is that you're part of his life.

    And you'll be the only woman able to trigger such intense feelings of desire and love in him. Since most women aren't aware of this method, you will have the upper hand. He'll view you as his soul mate. The one woman he must be with... now and forever.

  • Is he emotionally withdrawing or pulling away? I will reveal the truth about why men pull away and what they're actually craving psychologically. Then I'll share my specific "instant connection" technique that makes a withdrawn, distant man into an eager-to-please puppy dog, overwhelmed with obsessive desire for you.

    He'll love you the way a young boy loves his Legos, even if he seemed totally disinterested up until now.

  • I'll share a little-known "priority woman" secret, so you never have to be the placeholder girl who always gets chosen last, hoping for a guy to eventually come around, make you a priority and respond to your texts.

    When you know this, you will always be on his mind and in his heart because the love he feels for you is so strong.

  • I'll reveal how to mesmerize any guy immediately, which will have him pacing back and forth with intense intrigue running through his veins while he's talking to you (and obsessively thinking about you when he's not).

    He'll feel the type of intrigue that'll make him constantly mention you to everyone he knows, craving to talk to you again, like a needy puppy waiting for a morsel of affection.

  • Learn the key thing every guy secretly wants in a woman. This one "secret sequence" alone is enough to make any guy fixate, obsess and lust after you like a starving dog craves a sirloin steak.

    You can use this to immediately hypnotize any guy whenever you're around and make him view you as the most intriguing woman in the world.

  • I accidentally figured out what I call the Subtle Persuasion Method.

    Here I will reveal how to force a guy to bend over backwards to please you... thinking it was all his plan to do it. Now you can talk about what your needs are without having to worry about him not caring about what you want in the relationship.

    This is the simplest and most effective method to making him bend over backwards to please you. He will literally get on his hands and knees, desperate to do anything to make you happy after you know this.

  • I have an invisible way to mesmerize any man in conversation, like casting a spell on him through just the way you talk to him.

    Every word that comes out of your mouth will melt his heart and send jolts of intense desire surging through his body. This amazing technique triggers a subconscious urge to do anything he can to please you.

    Now I'll warn you, using this feels almost unfair. You will finally feel like you're in the position of power and never have to be at the mercy of a man again after you know this.

  • Do you know about the Romantic Polarity Technique?

    This attraction trigger is so powerful you could even use it to make your ex beg to be with you again.

    It works by "planting seeds" in his subconscious mind that grow into an obsession, sparking an overwhelming and impulsive craving to get back together with you.

    And because these feelings come from within his own mind, he'll feel like it was all his idea.

    You just let this technique do the work, while he works to convince you to get back together now.

The truth is, I could keep going on and on but this isn't even half of what's inside my program.

Now remember, you are getting my complete guide to trigger his exact process of falling in love with specific words, gestures, and phrases.

And there's so much more than I even mentioned here to make sure all your questions will be answered.

Now can I promise that every single situation will turn into an ideal fairy tale situation just by using "Make Him Want You Bad"?

Of course not!

But I can absolutely promise you this program will give you a radically different way to understand men, relationships and what creates love in a man, so you'll be able to reach his heart far beyond what you've ever experienced before.

You'll finally have a chance to understand him, deeply connect with him and trigger his strongest love for you

Now if you've read this far you are probably wondering:

How do you get started?

How much for the program?

It's tricky here because there's nothing like this program in terms of what it targets, its approach, or its real-world effectiveness.

There's lots of gimmicky stuff out there that all sounds great, but has no power to transform your relationship in real life.

This approach was created with one goal in mind: Results.

There is no other program that is built from scratch to target a man's exact process for falling in love and gives you laser-targeted words, gestures, and phrases to trigger that process on demand.

All of the work was done for you, and I answered all your questions. There is no guesswork or trial-and-error needed from you.

You put the program to work in your love life and see the results for yourself.

So when it comes to putting a value on having the kind of love you really want, I have to ask...

What's it worth to know for sure that you'll always have his love, desire and devotion?

Couples counseling usually costs thousands of dollars and has a pretty high failure rate (if the guy goes for it at all).

According to a recent survey, women spend an average of $313 a month on makeup, skin, and hair. Those things may make you look appealing, but they do nothing to trigger lifelong love, loyalty and commitment in a man.

Even my basic level of coaching (where I teach this method) costs $2000 a month, and that's only if I'm available to take on new clients.

In this program, I took the very best from my coaching and put it into one simple package for you.

Look, I understand the suffering that comes with struggling in your love life, and I want you to experience this type of success for yourself immediately.

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I mean, let's face it: You wouldn't have read so far into this article if the man you want was completely and utterly obsessed with you in the way you really want.

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All the joy, promise, and hope fades into gray gloomy heartbreak.

If this is missing from your relationship, every interaction is another step into that basement.

He's gone and you're left alone in the darkness wondering where it all went wrong.

The woman who knows how to talk to him in a way that makes him fall in love…

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Tap any question to pop open the answer.)

Will this work on the specific man I'm thinking of?

Yes, everything in this program targets hardwired psychology that all men share, which completely determines whether or not he obsessively desires you. That means if he's a male, he'll be uncontrollably fixated on you and only you for the rest of his life.

Even if you think you're not his type, even if you're worried that he goes after younger or prettier women, even if you think he doesn't see any "relationship potential," and even if you think he's never going to give you a chance romantically.

Will this work if I'm not the age he typically dates?

Yes. Amazingly when you know this secret to make him want you bad, his brain will actually create "excuses" about why he likes you so much and craves you so desperately his impulses force him to devote his mind, body, and soul to you... Even if he normally wouldn't think you're right for him.

Will this work if I think I'm not attractive enough or overweight or don't measure up physically?

Absolutely, because my method for making him want you bad is programmed into him by nature. You can bypass all the typical superficial reasons you think stand between you and the relationship you want when you use this, and then he can't help himself regardless of what you look like.

Are you sure doing this won't screw up my chances with him?

Look, what you're doing right now isn't working. What I'm going to give you is backed by science, and it has been proven to work for countless other women in seemingly hopeless situations, so it will work for you.

Everything in the program is thoroughly explained, so you'll not only know what to do but also understand exactly why it works. This means no more flying blind or taking shots in the dark, trying things that only might work. I'm so confident that this is the answer for you that I've put my money where my mouth is.

How fast do I get access to "Make Him Want You Bad"?

You get instant access to "Make Him Want You Bad" and all of the free bonuses as soon as you complete your order. You'll be taken to a private members website where you can access the material in the comfort of your own home.

There are no packages to explain and you don't have to wait for the mail. As soon as you order, the entire program and all of the bonuses are available right at your fingertips.

You will be able to start discovering everything in literally less than two minutes, and you'll feel an intense and uplifting surge of excitement as you imagine trying it out as quickly as possible to make the man you want crave you like a hungry dog craves sirloin steak.

How is this different from other relationship advice?

The real difference between "Make Him Want You Bad" and any other book, DVD, or relationship advice program out there, is that "Make Him Want You Bad" is the only program that targets the exact biological process that hijacks a man's heart and alters his brain chemistry by creating an uncontrollable addiction... which makes him desperately crave you, makes him obsessed with being around you, and eager to bend over backwards to make you happy (and the best part is he will think it was all his idea!)

All the other programs offer you generic, general advice that sounds good but doesn't actually work in the real world.

"Make Him Want You Bad" is the laser-targeted specific technique you need to trigger a shockingly intense desire in him as quickly possible.

Who should not buy "Make Him Want You Bad?"

It's not easy to enforce this, but any woman who wants to use this to make a man obsessed with her so that she can mistreat him and take advantage of him should not buy "Make Him Want You Bad."

Everything you're about to discover is so powerful, and creates such intense romantic, obsessive, and devoted feelings in a man, that in the wrong hands it can be used to destroy a man's life.

My hope is that you will use "Make Him Want You Bad" to capture the heart of the man who you intend to have a long and happy relationship with.

I want to give you the secret that wakes him up to how perfect you would be together, so that your lives are filled with love, burning passion, and happiness, and everyone wins.

How fast will I get results?

As soon as you access "Make Him Want You Bad," you will instantly see how you can plant a seed of desire so intense he can't breathe without you. He will be so dependent on your love he will be like an eager to please puppy dog groveling at your feet to be together forever.

He'll feel such an intense flood of obsessive desire once you make him want you bad, that he literally won't know what hit him. You can put this to work for you right away.

Is my credit card safe, and what will show up on my bill?

It's not me personally who's going to be charging your card, the transaction goes through "Clickbank" and that's what will show up on your bill. Clickbank has hundreds of thousands of customers every single year, and they've been doing this for a very long time. They're not going to jeopardize their business by ripping people off.

Your credit card security is guaranteed, and is 100% safe. Clickbank uses 256 bit secure encryption, which means there's no way that your private information could be intercepted by a third party. It's very, very safe.

In fact, it's even safer than a department store, or a restaurant, because there is no person who physically handles your card. You just enter your information on the checkout page and the Clickbank system quickly, securely, and privately processes your transaction.

Those are the most common questions I get about Make Him Want You Bad. Hopefully, your question was answered there, but if you're still wondering if it's right for you.

The only way to find out now is to click the "Add to Cart" button below and complete your order.

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Maybe what you've been doing up until now has not worked, but now you know why. It's time to take a new path and get new results.

I believe everything happens for a reason and it's not by accident you are here reading this page.

This is where you decide things will change.

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Nothing, the risk is on me.

If you're not totally satisfied, you'll just tell me and I'll give back every penny and that's fine.

I'm one of the few coaches that works with clients every day to create the love life they really want.

And my hope is I can be that for you too, if you'll let me!

All the work is already done for you to finally have the relationship you've always wanted with him.

Now it's up to you...

Whatever you choose, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart: I hope you find the love and overwhelming passion you've always wanted. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you inside.

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Hope to see you on the other side,

Co-founder of (and your personal "Make Him Crave You Expert")